Reviews from 2014

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February 15-17, 2014   CEDARBREEZE  Dear Brenda and Ted, We had an amazing mini-vacation here. Thank you so much for providing such a well stocked home. It had everything we needed. It was beautiful here even with the rain and we can't wait to come back and see what it looks like during the summer.  Mya and Garrett

February 21, 2014  CEDARBREEZE  Wonderful cabin. Thank you! We came here for a spontaneous vacation and had a great time. Relaxing by the river with warm drinks, hiking at Shi Shi, hanging out in the hot tub...had to pick our favorite part!! We will definitely be back!  Thanks again, Jen and Aaron of Seattle, WA

March 23, 2014   CEDARBREEZE  Dear SDRC, Had a great time staying at Cedar Breeze/Loft with friends. Both cabins are very well furnished and pleasant to relax in. We fished, hiked, beach-combed, made smores and hot tubbed. I'm sure we'll be back!  Jason, Jen, Schuyler, Chrystal, Austin and Patricia

April 6, 2014   CEDARBREEZE  Dear SDRC, We had a fantastic time drinking, eating and listening to Santana. We also drank wine and caught fish. Teepees and Stop signs!

January 2014   RIVERSONG   We had a wonderful time in this beautiful place while two days and for the new year day. Everything is just perfect and well done in this house. We hope coming back one day. Steve and Celine, Nicolas, Guillaume and Pauline from France. Thanks again!! And Happy New Year

January 24-26, 2014   RIVERSONG   We are so pleased to have found this wonderful place. It is so special. We were very surprised to find the accomodations so high class. We want to come back and share it with so many people. Thank you for the opportunity. Our one  year anniversary weekend- Nick and Keri of Everett, WA

February 8-15, 2014   RIVERSONG   This is a wonderful cottage. Wow, makes me want one of my own but until then we will be back. Poodles sharpened their hunting skills with the squirrels. I don't think they have ever saw one. Before now. Basset so wanted to go swimming. We really enjoyed ourself. Kathie

February 15-17, 2014   RIVERSONG   We had an AMAZING time! Your place is lovely, and provided everything we needed to make our stay more comfortable and relaxing. We will definitely be back. Thank you Tara

February 21, 2014   RIVERSONG     This cabin looks like it came straight out of a fairytale. The upgrades are gorgeous, the view took our breath away and having the hot-tub made the trip! You have every amenity we could possibly have needed, which made the stay that much more incredible. We will be back. We have to show our family this beautiful place in Washington and share the experience. Nique and Jeff

March 23-25, 2014   RIVERSONG   This cabin and surroundings are the perfect getaway! We are amazed by the mosses covering almost every inch of the area. The bird watching is perfect with morning coffee and we've been very impressed with the amenities and cleanliness of the place. We also had a blast floating down the river in dry suits. Wish there was a tree swing for the lazy day in the sun. Can't wait to come back!

March 25-28, 2014   RIVERSONG   Had another wonderful time in this beautiful cabin! Thanks for everything. Steve and Alesia of Squaw Valley, CA

March 28-31, 2014   RIVERSONG   I would stay here again. Beautiful spot by the river. Very comfortable cabin. La Push and Rialto Beach just minutes away. Very relaxing. Showering was a challange, the water stopped midway through but came back on after several minutes. This minor issue would not prevent me from spending another relaxing time at Riversong

April 1-3, 2014   RIVERSONG   Thank you again for the wonderful stay! Everything is always very clean, neat and plenty of the necessities in the cabin for our stay. My children love coming here!! It's become our yearly spring break vacation spot. Flippen Family

May 26-28, 2014   RIVERSONG   What a remarkable cabin and location! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in your lovely part of the world! Coming from one of the most brutal winters we've ever had in NE Minnesota, even the rain was pleasant! We enjoyed salmon and shrimp on the grill and relaxing in the gorgeous hot tub after long days of hiking! Thanks so much for making this a perfect vacation! Gail and Paul, Jenna, Erik of Seattle and Two Harbors, MN

June 7-11, 2014   RIVERSONG   We come from the beautiful west coast of Florida with breath taking beaches, but we would trade it all for this!! Nothing is better then sitting by the river with a glass of wine or sitting by the fire with family or friends. Of course, don't forget the perfect starting point to do some hiking. We absolutely love the cabin and look forward to coming back again. Your Florida friend, Barker Family




  February 17, 2014   LOFT   What a beautiful bungalow. We want t move here...Make us an offer? KJ and Emma

May 24-27, 2014   LOFT   Loved our four nights here with the peaceful riverview each morning and evening! Grand rainforest walks and the magnificent beaches-Rialto not to be missed. Happened upon the last day of halibut season in Neah Bay with campers and boats packed in like sardines. Cape Flattery not to be missed- nor the Foresters Museum in Forks. And now we know what Twilight is all about! Paula and Gary of Denver, CO

June 13-16, 2014   RIVERSONG   Thank you for the great time in this awesome cabin. The weather wasn't perfect, but the jacuzzi was. We loved our evenings out the terrace. It's sad that we didn't meet you. Thanks for building this gorgeous house. Carolin, Sabi, Sabine, and Dieter of Germany, Munich Calbe Swarzburg

June 18, 2014   LOFT   Loved being here again! Wonderful accomodations, weather, and sites!  Karen of Orlando, FL

June 22, 2014   CEDAR BREEZE   Here we are @ Sol Duc -- What a stroke of good luck! We're back! Just like we promised. We keep referring friends and family--this time we brought relatives from Japan, California and Washington D.C.. Great place with great amenities.

June 22, 2014   CEDAR BREEZE   Thank you Thank you! for having this place. The sun was shining. The river was beautiful. We played some of your games, grilled some food, enjoyed the hot tub - relaxed a lot in the short time. This is paradise. Today we're off to Rialto and Sol Duc Falls. Love this corner of Washington. Lovely place- relaxing! beautiful! everything I wanted!

June 22, 2014   CEDAR BREEZE   What a perfect way to enjoy the beautiful Olympic Peninsula before returning to Japan. I will be back!    Such attention to detail! From the cabin to the stream, all was a slice of paradise.

June 23-27, 2014   CEDAR BREEZE   Thank you for providing such an exquisite, immaculately clean cabin! Very comfortable! Loved the river! We loved staying here! We think we found a real gem! We would loved to have stayed longer!  Arlis, Greg, Karyn, and Sara of Fredonia, WI

June 2014   CEDAR BREEZE   B & T, Charming cottage on a beautiful piece of (river) heaven! We enjoyed (kids esp.) watching the hummingbirds and bald eagle sighting! Your attention to detail (landscaping, privacy, soaps and jello). Will bring this family back. We look forward to our next visit already.  The Riises

June 26, 2014    LOFT   We loved the loft. Thank you for being pet friendly. The boys loved being here. Had a great time playing horse shoes and staring at the river. Kelli and Amanda, Toby and Brady of Arizona

June 28, 2014    LOFT   Very cozy, feels like home. The Pistor Family of Forest Grove, OR

June 30-July 3, 2014   LOFT   What a beautiful place to have built. Everything was great. Second beach is the best hike and Cape Flattery too. D and L of Miami, FL

July 1-5, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   We really appreciate the thought and care given to this place. It made our experience here so much better. We toured around the area and enjoyed the scenic beauty. Highlights included: Clallam Bay at low tide, Crescent Lake, Hoh Rainforest, Cape Flattery, Sol Duc Falls and of course, just being here at the cabin enjoying some family time. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place. The Dahlkempois of Washington DC  PS. caught some trout in the river

July 5, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   Hi. I am Ava. I am 8. I love this cabin. My family likes it. We are happy. We were having a crazy night. From Ava, Nina, Tammy, and Ava's Dad

July 10, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   Thank you for opening your beautiful home to us and allowing us to enjoy all the many details that make your cabin so amazing! We were amazed by all the small touches thaqt you put into decorating your home, from the wreath with local plants to your varied selection of books to your homey knick-knacks on the walls. It was also the perfect location to explore the natural wonders of WA- right in the center of everything! We were so impressed with how you rebuilt this place from a wooden frame-the before and after photos were truly incredible! Thanks again for creating the ideal vacation home! Sincerely, The Julloses of Valdosta, GA, Henderson,NC, and Atlanta, GA

July 15, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   My husband and I have had a wonderful time at this beautiful cabin in the woods. We loved all the pit, hot tub and of course, the gorgeous riverview. The natural surroundings of the Olympic Peninsula have been breathtaking. From the old growth forest, rivers and beaches this part of the country has it all. I'm ready to move to the Northwest! My favorite spot is second beach at La Push. I loved the vast ocean view and tidal pools absolutely amazing! Thank you, Anna and Jim of St. Louis, MO

July 16-19, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   What a great place to use as our home for the few days we got to spend in the area. It has been great to "come home" to a cottage that has everything you need, plus a little more. Small enough to be intimate, but spacious enough for the five of us to not be tripping on one another. This is a place we all agreed we could come back to. Thank you for accomodating a mid-week stay It has been a perfect primer to our Alaskan cruise. Next time, this will be the main course, instead of the appetizer. You have a beautiful piece of heaven here. We hope to visit again soon. Thanks, Steve, Julie, Alex, Carole and Alaina of Minneapolis, MN

July 20-27, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   Eric, Jane, and Henry of Ventura, CA

July 29-Aug 4, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   John, Janet, Jaysen, Joe and Janice of Live Oak, FL

August 9, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   Hands down one of the best places we have stayed. Everybody had a wonderful time. Wished we had been able to stay longer but definitely coming back! The White and Hirami Family of Japan

August 12-14, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   What an amazing cabin!! Very charming. We enjoyed our stay here and would love to come back again. The Cannon Family of Seattle, WA

August 14-15, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   Thanks for this home away from home experience After days of hotel stays it was nice to lounge around and play monopoly. We wish we had more time here. Thanks, The Brooks Family of Norwich, NY

August 22-23, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   Thanks for letting us use your very charming cabin!! The Hoy Family of Olympia,WA

August 25, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   We loved the cabin very much, everything was perfect! Thank you! Abadi of Puyallup, WA (Iran and Venezuela originally)

August 25-29, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   Thank you for your amazing hospitality. The view is gorgeous and we particularly enjoyed watching the Jays. The hot tub and nicely stocked kitchen were such a wonderful bonus. We couldn't have asked for better weather and appreciated being centrally located around all the hikes and adventures in the area. We're looking forward to our next trip to the Pacific Northwest. Christine, Colin and Auntie Amy

August 29- September 6, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   We had an excellent time at cabin. The cabin had everything we needed and was located near all the hikes we had planned. We will definitely recommend this cabin to friends and family traveling to the Pacific Northwest. Veronica and Josh

July 4-8, 2014   LOFT   Had a wonderful time, foggy with rain two days and two days of sun. Beautiful place to explore. Love ShiShi Beach. Brad and Michelle of Pleasanton, CA

July 8-9, 2014   LOFT   Beautiful Sunny Weather! What a cute loft. This was a perfect setting for our family of 4. We enjoyed exploring the river even though the water was cold. We loved how the fire pit was down by the river from cabin and secluded. It was nice to have the wood all cut and supplies available We went to the Hoh Rainforest hiking-highly recommend this place- beautiful trees and views of river. We also went to the Sol Duc hot springs, very hot and warm pools, great place to relax- not a great place if you're worried about germs. Our last day here we are heading to Rialto Beach then back to Seattle to fly back to Minnesota! We would definitely come here in the future. Just a quiet, beautiful place to relax. The Donahue's and Samantha of MN

July 13-15, 2014   LOFT   Such a cute loft! Thanks for supplying everything we could need. We loved the fire pit too! Rick, Tracey, Tim and Sarah

July 16-21, 2014   LOFT   Thank you so much for this beautiful place. It feels like you think and care about us and want us to have the best vacation ever. We had a wonderful time and hope to come back. Maria and Sasha

July 21-23, 2014   LOFT   Thanks for a great stay. This was just what we wanted and more! Tim of New York, NY

July 24-26, 2014   LOFT   What a great get away. Enjoyed every minute. Mark and Catherine of Candia, NH  Whirlwind visit. Excellent views from Mt. Angeles, a 3.5 mile walk from Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center. The walk along the ridge gave open views both sides. Next day a quick walk in the Hoh Rainforest and a walk along Rialto Beach to Hole in the Wall. Stood in awe as a pair of bald eagles cruised overhead and lighted the nearby tree.

July 26-27, 2014   LOFT   We celebrated our 11th anniversary here! It has been a beautiful long weekend in ONP. We did a huge day hike today of the High Divide Loop. Stunning! Although the views came at the cost of very sore muscles, we are sure that it's worth it. The setting here at the Loft is just right-and such a great location for exploring. Thank you for everything- Marie and Scott of Bluemont, VA (near the other "Washington"/DC)

July 28-19, 2014   LOFT   We celebrated my husbands 42nd birthday here and it was wonderful!! We enjoyed a beautiful day at the Sol Duc hot springs with a very yummy dinner at the resort there. Came here to a darling loft room- We are so pleased with how clean and comfortable everything was. Ted and Brenda thought of everything to make our stay so nice!! THANK YOU! Even the wood/paper by the riverside fire pit- how nice!! We had an amazing time only wish we were able to stay longer. We hope to return soon bringing our kids and family. We enjoyed our first thimbleberry here delicious. Now we will keep our eyes out for them. Yum yum. Thank you, Ali and Kelli of Olympia, WA

August 7, 2014   LOFT   This is such a fabulous place. We just loved it!! Thanks for having everything we needed, plus!! When we come this way again, we will most certainly stay here. All our best wishes, Bettylou and Anne of Seattle, WA

August 18, 2014   LOFT   Loved staying at Riversong and the Loft. What a beautiful setting! Ted and Brenda truly think of everything a guest could need while on vacation and are such considerate hosts!! My family can't wait to come back! Cherie, Doug, Dylan and Colby of Pleasanton, CA

August 24, 2014   LOFT   What a cozy place! We had an enjoyable time at the Loft and down at the river We also made good use of the Bar-B-Que! Hope to be back soon! Asharin, Martin, Laura

August 27, 2014   LOFT   What a wonderful place. It was so comfortable with everything and even more surprises you wouldn't have expected. Loved the setting. I only wish I had more time to just hangout and enjoy it. The location was perfect for all the spots we wanted to see. Thank you for all your hospitality and I hope we too will be back here soon to enjoy it all again. Christy

September 1, 2014   LOFT   A great place to stay. The place has life in it with a river, trees and also a road with traffic! It has all the basic comforts one looks for. We had a wonderful stay here. Thanks for that. Thanks Chandra and Family

September 6-8, 2014   LOFT   What a wonderful find on our road trip around the peninsula. So relaxing by the river and perfect for trips to Rialto Beach and Hurricane Ridge. Thanks, Mary and Mark of Vermont

September 10-12, 2014   LOFT   This Loft was a delightful spot for my husband, myself and our golden Retriever, Sam. The space was just right and the grounds were perfect for Sam. We had a fire by the river sipping wine. Perfect! Thanks so much for a lovely stay. We enjoyed our hike at ShiShi and loved the beauty of the area. Thank you, Cindi, Randy and Sam

September 13, 2014   LOFT   This trip was something on a personal note for getting in touch with my intuition. I have a major love for beaches. And specifically beautiful beaches. So far checked out La Push was cool, but Rialto Beach (second time there) was AMAZING. I plan to do the Olympic Loop. Then back to city life. Needed this getaway to get out of city life! Loved fresh ground coffee!! Kind Regards. PS Room was clean and had everything I needed. City life is so busy. I need a quick escape. The river is nice to wake up to. Izzy had a great time too!

June 17-19, 2014   RIVERSONG   Beautiful setting, lovely cottage. Loved the view and dunking in the river before jumping back in the hot tub. And the bed folding into the wall is fabulous! Thanks, Rachel, Cory, Joanne and Andy of Manteo, NC

June 20-21, 2014   RIVERSONG   This was our second sister trip to the peaceful cabin on the Sol Duc! It is such a wonderful, serene place to kick back, relax and take in the beautiful surroundings. I am celebrating my 60th birthday on June 23rd and when my sisters asked what I wanted to do to celebrate I said "return to the cabin." The memories continue! Thank you, Anne, Susan and Avery of Kirkland, Bothel and Snohomish,WA

June 22-24, 2014   RIVERSONG   What a beautiful, relaxing setting for the last two nights of our Olympic Peninsula trip together! Sitting in the shade by the river was so wonderful our entire first afternoon. Grilling fresh sockeye salmon for dinner tonight! Our second day we each tried out the hot tub, then enjoyed a nice breakfast. Then we loaded up and headed to the "Hoh." We hiked the "Hall of Mosses Trail" and the "Spruce Nature Trail" which were amazing! We shared a nice picnic then headed back thru Forks and some of the "Twilight" film locals. Tonight Grilled Steak and Salad. Tomorrow we head back to Seattle and fly back to Denver and say goodbye to Connie and Gary! Great trip!  Connie and Gary of Vancouver,WA and Greg and Kathy of Longmont, CO

June 26-July 1, 2014   RIVERSONG   5 Star stay during our five night visit! I simply can not imagine a more perfect place to stay on the North Olympic Peninsula. First, there is the convenience of being so close to all of the attractions we enjoyed: Hoh Rainforest, Cape Flattery, Sol Duc Falls, Lake Crescent and Hurricane Ridge. Secondly, coming home to such a luxurious and relaxing setting after a day of exploring the sights was heavenly. We really enjoyed cooking on the grill and soothing our muscles in the jacuzzi while soaking in the views of the Sol Duc River! We still want to explore Forks, La Push, Rialto Beach, and Kalaloch. So we will be back. Thank you for such fabulous accomodations. Five nights simply was not long enough! George and Michael of Charleston, SC

July 13, 2014   RIVERSONG   Just beautiful! Really loved it! Karen of Cle Elum, WA

July 11-13, 2014   RIVERSONG   Thank you for sharing your peaceful oasis with us! We had so much fun. Kathleen and Logan of Yakima,WA

July 4, 2014   RIVERSONG   The cabin was everything we expected and more. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place to experience the Olympic Peninsula. We hope to return someday and will be sure to encourage those set out to experience the national park to stay at this property! The Boiko Family

July 18-20, 2014   RIVERSONG   What a wonderful cabin and amazing views! Watching the river is so peaceful. This is so different from where we live in north Texas. We walked several trails at Hurricane Ridge, Sol Duc, and Hoh Rainforest. Sol Duc was the best with the amazing waterfalls. It didn't seem real at times! Ron, Theresa, Logan and Nicole of Burleson, TX

July 20, 2014   RIVERSONG   What a wonderful slice of heaven you have here. I think we enjoyed the cabin as much, if not more than all of the wonderful sights we saw. We had a wonderful peaceful time away from our crazy lives and if we ever get back to the Washington coast. You can bet this is where we will stay. Thanks! Deb and Bill of Great Falls, MT

July 26, 2014   RIVERSONG   Coincidence brought us here! What a great luck... It is a beautiful place, showing nature at its best! I wished we could stay longer. Thanks! Prista, Berni and Sharla from Liechtenstein

July 29-30, 2014   RIVERSONG   Our only regret is not being able to stay longer! The location and accomodations were impeccable. This was the perfect spot to unwind our family. Thank you for providing such a great getaway spot! Jessica, Jeff and Alex of Cincinnati, OH

July 30-August 4, 2014   RIVERSONG   So beautiful! The environment, the peninsula and the cabin! It's not often that you get "as advertised", but Riversong is just that! Can't wait to return during fall or winter, with our family. Thank you Ted and Brenda for sharing this beautiful place with us! Frank and Maureen

August 2014   RIVERSONG   We have enjoyed every moment we've been here, fishing, horseshoes, drinking wine, relaxing.....Thanks so much for everything. We will pass the word around in IL! The Vogels

August 7-16, 2014   RIVERSONG   I feel like a lucky girl to have found this wonderful place. The BEST place on the Washington Peninsula! Thank you for giving us a real home during our time here. Hate to leave. I will miss the lovely forest smell, the sound of the river. My son will miss the hot tub and his murphy bed. Lots of Love, Debbie and Andrew of New Jersey

August 17-21, 2014   RIVERSONG   Thank you so much for having such a magical and peaceful place to come and enjoy our vacation! It was beyond our imagination. Everytime we opened a drawer or cabinet we found everything we needed. Soooo relaxing and comfy. A home away from home. Michele, Evan and Logan of Mountlake Terrace, WA and Raeryanna and Katrynna of Seattle

August 25-September 1, 2014   RIVERSONG   We love, love, loved the cabin. It was a perfect place to relax after a day of exploring! The hot tub was great for our aching muscles. Our boys loved sleeping in a 'secret bed' and we found everything we needed and then some in the cabinets and drawers. Thank you! The Pettits of Mentona, Indiana

September 1-3, 2014   RIVERSONG   This cabin is a little piece of paradise. The location is ideal to explore the whole peninsula. We hope to return with a couple of our grandchildren. They would love the river and hot tub. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful spot on earth. Mike and Diane of Atlanta, Texas

September 4-5, 2014   RIVERSONG   We had a short but wonderful stay. It is a pity that we could not stay longer. Martina and Thomas of Cologne, Germany


September 27, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   Thank you Ted and Brenda! This cabin is outstanding! Very nicely decorated and stocked for guests. Also totally appreciated the fishing tip to try the Park Hole. Wow! I have never seen so many big salmon caught. Your hospitality made our 34 year anniversary celebration special! Bill and Cathy of Kent, WA

Sept 26-29, 2014   RIVERSONG   Another perfect vacation! This is our third trip to this beautiful cabin. Once again, we had a very relaxing time as well as our chocolate lab Dakota. We will for sure be back next year! Thank you for thinking of everything to make this place unique! Michael and Candy

October 10-14, 2014   RIVERSONG   Your cabins are such a beautiful setting. We enjoyed so much our stay here. Only wish we didn't have to leave. PS Thank you so much for the extra time to enjoy ourselves!!! Davin of Ekalaka, Montana

October 10-14, 2014   RIVERSONG   Thank you so much for providing us with such a beautiful place to stay! It has been a vacation that will remain my favorite of all time! My only regret is that we didn't get to meet you in person, but there is always 'next time! We will be back! Thanks again! Molly of Casper, Wyoming

October 17-20, 2014   RIVERSONG   Thank  you for such an amazing stay. This is the most beautiful cabin and location I've ever seen! We will most certainly be back. Thank you so much! We also loved having the whole series of Twilight! We watched them all! Thanks! Anna, Heather, Jacob and Lexi of Colorado


November 2, 2014   RIVERSONG   My little girl loves this vacation. She was so excited, running around and screaming. We love the view, the river is beautiful, kitchen is fantastic. We enjoyed cooking in this cozy cabin. We had a great time. We will be back for sure. Loving it!! PS Hot tub is the best. We all used it. Daniel, Yingling, Rina and Grandma of Dubai, UAE

November 9-11, 2014   RIVERSONG   Our 3rd visit here- 1st time at Riversong! Both cabins ensure the perfect relaxing vacation. Thank you for all your attention to detail. Looking at and listening to the river-from the lawn, the deck or in front of the gas fireplace-wow. We treasure these hours spent here. Be back soon! Steve and Barb of Puyallup, WA

November 15, 2014   RIVERSONG   Very interesting compound. "Sunset" quality. Awfully good job. Jody and Dick of Friday Harbor

November 25-28, 2014   RIVERSONG   We had a lovely time! The river is beautiful, the home is comfy and nice and the kids LOVED the hot tub and playing Monopoly. We had a lovely rainy time at the Hoh Rainforest and Cape Flattery. Thank you! Rom, Stacy, Orlando (11) and Mica (8) of Seattle, WA

November 29-December 5, 2014   RIVERSONG   We arrived to a snowy white scene, which stayed for 5 days due to the below freezing temperatures. No wind and no rain during this time which made for pleasant hikes-though limited to a few trails due to accessibility. We woke on the 6th day to an all green scene-finally the overnight temps were well above freezing. The cottage and setting is an absolute delight. Thank you Ted and Brenda. Karen and Darby of Australia

December 26-29, 2014   RIVERSONG   This was a perfect after Christmas get-away! It was so nice to relax after the holiday bustle. The kids played Monopoly for the first time here-great memories! Loved the hot tub, river sounds and sights, Cape Flattery trail, and the rare sunshine day we had at the end of Dec. We are looking forward to coming back this summer when the Sol Duc Hot Springs are open. We are so grateful to find this wonderful place to enjoy precious family time with our growing twins (now age 7). We used to spend much time at Lava Hot Springs in Idaho, we have been looking for our "new Lava." I think we found it! The cabins and property are just beautiful and have everything needed to just relax and enjoy! Be back soon! Amber, Scott, Abbey and Brautigan of Bellingham, WA

November 14, 2014   CEDARBREEZE   Thank you so much. We had a wonderful time!! It is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. We will be back. This is the beginning of our love story (two months this weekend). It will remain a very special chapter, as we begin our lives together. Thank you again. We will recommend this wonderful place to everyone we know. Jason and Susanne of Everett, WA

November 2014   CEDARBREEZE   As always- wonderous, beautiful, peaceful. Your cabin is truly a sanctuary- for prayer, smiles- opening the heart for more gratitude. Thanks! Victoria of Bellingham,WA