Reviews from 2011

1/2-1/5/2011  RIVERSONG Thank you for providing such a perfect place to celebrate our wedding anniversary!  Comfort and charm beyond our expectations.  And thank you for suggesting the lovely walk just beyond the Snider Work Center.  The walk along the river was beautiful (3 waterfalls!) and just as accessible as your well-provisioned "cabin."  May you enjoy a happy and prosperous New Year!  Jerry and Deborah

1/2/11  LOFT  We had an excellent time here on the Olympic Peninsula.  The loft's location made it easy to sightsee.  We went to the Hoh Rainforest and the beaches and even did some "twilighting" in Forks.  Everything we needed was stocked here at the loft.  Everything was neat and clean.  I am anxiously awaiting summer to see how the property looks.  Thanks.  Jake C. and Marie B. from Seattle, WA

1/6-1/7/2011 RIVERSONG  This is where Emily chose to celebrate her 60th birthday.  We will keep returning.  You two have such great taste.  Each day we saw an eagle fly just over the river.  Enjoy it rain or shine.  Thanks again.  Dennis and Emily from Poulsbo, WA

2/18-20/2011  CEDARBREEZE  Thank you for such a wonderful mini-vacation!  Your cabin was wonderful!!  Our children enjoyed the river and bon-fires.  I'll be sure and tell family and friends about this northwest paradise.  Whoric family Fort Lewis, WA (hometown New Galilee, PA)

3/4/2011 RIVERSONG Ted and Brenda, many thanks for a wonderful place to stay on our vacation.  The cabin surpassed our expectations!  It was beautiful inside and out and the view was just amazing!  After fishing all day it was so nice to come back to this cozy cabin.  Dan and Kenin from Redondo Beach, CA

3/8/11 - CEDARBREEZE  Brandon's birthday was a hit!  The cabin was perfect!  Intimate, cozy and very relaxing!  Thank you so much!  Erin and Brandon

3/18-3/20/2011 RIVERSONG Ted and Brenda, the cabin is spectacular.  We couldn't believe the view and how quaint and cozy this place is.  It gave us the needed relaxation, time we deserved after a long six month deployment.  We have decided to make an attempt to bring the kids up this way and will not use anyone but you two for our living needs.  Thank you for a great weekend.  Matt and Amber

3/18-20/2011  LOFT  Thank you for a fabulous weekend here on your quaint lovely property.  My husband and I had the honor of spending and celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary here together.  We had a lovely weekend, even though the fishing wasn't to its best due to weather.  But the stay was beautiful and full of unforgettable sights and memories.  Thank you for a wonderful, unforgettable weekend.  And hopefully we'll make it back sometime soon.    Tara and Devan R. with doggies Peanut and Butters from Graham WA 

3/26/2011 RIVERSONG Ted and Brenda, a lovely and eventful trip.  Your place is the ideal home base for explorations.  We enjoyed the last few days, we hiked all over.  (despite my peg leg - see opposite picture).  Reveled in La Push in the rain, played music on Crescent Lake and got a speeding ticket on 101 from Forks PD, the most courteous police officer we've ever had the pleasure to meet.  Slow down out there, folks, these boys don't play.  Matt, Indrie and Audrey

3/29/2011 RIVERSONG  Thank sooooo much.  This is a beautiful place.  Love all the woodwork inside!  Thank you for everything!  Steve and Alesia, Squaw Valley, CA  We. will be back.

4/2/11  LOFT  Thanks for sharing your cozy loft!  We absolutely loved our stay.  I especially enjoyed your craftsmanship and hard work on the place.  Hard work is what keeps us alive and vibrant!  We drove up to the Hoh visitor center yesterday and saw many elk right next to the road.  We also saw a bald eagle at LaPush.  With the bald eagle we saw right here on the river on your place, we really feel we have been on a great vacation!  And so close to home!  It's a beautiful spot here.  Thanks again for sharing!  Leonard and Char D. 

4/4/2011 RIVERSONG Congratulations Ted and Brenda.  Riversong Cottage is exceptional.  It was so nice to be welcomed by the warm fire.  The mornings started in the hot tub enjoying the jays and juncos topping it off with the occasional eagle streaming down the river.  A fine start for our grandson, introducing him to the beauty of this start of our trip around the Peninsula.  Bud, Joan, and Nolan. 

4/10/2011 CEDARBREEZE  Amazing!  We had a wonderful time.  Bonfire with S'mores, falling in the river, fishing, hot tubbing, games, great food and friendship.  Building memories.  Thank you.  The Foote family, Brain, Beth Sarah, Becca, Jessica and Bubba and the Platt family Cyrus, Rachel, Austin, Denice, Logan and Brayden

4/10/11  LOFT  Amazing!  We had a wonderful time!  Going down to the river to fish and sometimes fall in.  Playing games, watching movies, great food and friendship!  Enjoying the nature and going for walks.  Great memories that will last forever.  The Foote family, Brian, Beth, Sarah, Becca, Jessica and Bubba  The Platt Family Cyrus, Rachel, Austin, Derrick, Logan and Brayden 

4/30/2011 RIVERSONG  Dear Ted and Brenda, Thank you for the last two days away from the daily routine of work and schedules.  This is such a great place to relax or to explore other places here on the Peninsula.  Thank you.  Brando and Christina, Port Angeles.

5/15/2011 CEDARBREEZE  We had such an amazing time here.  It exceeded our expectations and we didn't want to leave.  The Poe family, Steven, Rebecca and Charcy

5/26/2011 RIVERSONG  Thank you!  Riversong is truly a delight to all our senses.  We leave nourished by the weekend we spent celebrating.  What a lovely place, so well thought out in every way.  Perfect!  We look forward to our return for another wonderful retreat in this well-cared for, high quality place!  Best wishes.  Melanie and Sean

5/2011  RIVERSONG  Ted and Brenda, Thank so much for such a wonderful place!  Whether you want to relax in the hot tub or by the fire or hike the Olympics, this place has it all!  We enjoyed showing our family a beautiful place in Washington.  Tom and Libby, Dupont WA

5/29/2011 CEDARBREEZE  It has been really lovely to get away from the hectic schedule and chill out here in your lovely wee cabin.  The hot tubs were pure delight to unwind at the end of the day.  Thanks for the perfect place to stay.  Micheal, Karen, Matthew, Romy D. From Ireland, "erin go brogh" living in Redmond, Washington

5/29/2011  RIVERSONG  Thank you for a lovely Memorial weekend.  We had a lot of fun.  Loved the river view and the hot tub listening to the evening rain.  We were happy not to be disturbed by vampires or werewolves.  Mike, Emily and son, Kirkland, WA (originally from the UK)

5/31/11 Memorial Day  LOFT  So befitting that we found this place over Memorial Weekend, as we made many wonderful memories!  We are very pleased that our plans changed at the last minute, as it gave us the opportunity to find "The Loft."  Your property was wonderful for the kids - they played baseball, horseshoes, and roamed the river.  We also enjoyed the fire pit.  The loft was wonderfully appointed - we were so appreciative to discover hot chocolate as we forgot to get it, and the small space is designed to make the best use of each and every inch.  Top it off with the weather (Saturday was extraordinary!).  We found you by accident this time, but we'll be back on purpose!  Call us if you decide you'd like a trip to Depoe Bay, Oregon - let's trade rentals!  Jake, Brandi, Tanner and Merry from Tacoma, WA 

6/4/2011 RIVERSONG  Our final morning has arrived with a twinge of sadness.  This river retreat has been a duc soup for the sole.  It's clear that Ted and Brenda spend a good deal of time and effort creating the perfect getaway.  More than just a house to rent, each switch to flip and door to open surprises us with another thoughtful amenity.  The quality and attention to detail compose a simple elegance that is Riversong.  We're pleased to join the fraternity of friends and guests who have had the good fortune of finding this treasure.  Shawn and Stevvie E.   Davenport, WA

6/9/11  LOFT  The loft was great!  We loved our stay.  When we showed up we so excited to see how beautiful the river grounds and loft were.  We came to see the Hoh Rain Forest and it was amazing.  Forks was interesting, we aren't really Twilight fans but it was pretty incredible to see how it has affected the town.  We enjoyed the small town feel and people were so friendly.  We definitely recommend seeing the Hoh Rain Forest.  We saw a herd of elk, it was the highlight of our anniversary trip as well as having such a nice place to come back to in the evening.  Thanks for everything.  Clark and Torah P.  from Bremerton, WA

6/2011 RIVERSONG  Lovely cabin.  Very relaxing and beautiful.  Looking forward to coming again.  Ernie and Mary Puyallup, WA

6/10-11/2011 CEDARBREEZE  Thank you for another amazing anniversary weekend!  We just love it here and hope to return each year.  We had another set of friends visit this year and they too are blown away by the beauty here.  Brian, Shelby, Cole W. and Penny and Blue dogs from Port Angeles

6/12-6/16/2011  CEDARBREEZE  Thank you for letting us stay at your cozy cabin!  We really enjoyed your property - the beautiful setting, the hot tub, and the huge lawn for frisbee,  Yay for wi fi!  Hannah for the Kumaska family

6/13/2011 RIVERSONG  This place is a magnificent jewel in the crown of the Olympic Peninsula.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  We look forward to our return.  Jeff and Kerri R. Austin TX  P.S.  We had breakfast with a bald eagle.  A perfect way to leave.

6/18-19/11 LOFT  What a wonderful spot.  We absolutely loved staying here.  The loft has everything we need and the location is spectacular.  The first night we watched an eagle pull a fish out of the river and dine on it on the rocks.  We will come back again if we get the chance.  Thank you.  Jeff and Laura from Minneapolis MN. 

6/19-6/22/2011 CEDARBREEZE  We had a wonderful stay and escaped the Louisian heat in this little cabin in the mountains.  The perfect weather (sunny and 68 degrees) did not seem authentic for Washington before  Summer is well underway, but no compaints.  Thank you!  Brian, Allison, and family  (P.S.  Those hummingbirds are intense!)

6/21-22/11  LOFT   We love it here!  The river and the fire pit are the best.  If ever in this area again we will definitely stay here!  Perfect place for a honeymoon... Thanks.  John and Jean Cumming, GA

6/24-26/2011 CEDARBREEZE We are on day 8 of our honeymoon touring the Northwest, and this is the place to be!  We will definitely be back.  You have everything you could need in this happy little cabin.  Thanks!  Shane and Emily H.  Houston, TX 

6/24-25/11 LOFT  We had an amazing time.  This was our honeymoon eight years after the fact and we couldn't have picked a better place to stay.  Thank you!  We loved the hummingbirds and the view of the river!  We will be back.  Dirk and Kate O. from Hayden, ID

6/2011  RIVERSONG  Thank you for sharing this fantastic cabin with us.  Loved the gardens, decoys, and special touches.  Great for our family.  Cory, Jewell, David, Mom and Dad

6/26/2011  RIVERSONG  Beautiful home, covered deck, amazing.  And the best view I've ever had.  Thanks for the bird feeders too.  The Dunbar family.

6/28 - 7/2/2011 RIVERSONG  Riversong is lovely in the rain and glorious in the sunshine.  We appreciated the quality of all the amenities here watching the joyful hummingbirds and hungry morning bird activity was delightful.  Our old kitty Camille enjoyed her vacation here as well.  Who knew she needed a vacation.  Thank you for being pet friendly.  The hot tub was just perfect, the open lawn sported a fun game of croquet and an added bonus was watching the low flying bald eagle at dusk.  With gratitude, Cyr, Sharon, Martha, Tom and Camille the cat

6/29-7/1/2011 CEDARBREEZE  Thank you for a wonderful stay.  The accomodations and location are enchanted.  The little details left for your guests make it all the better.  Thank you!  The Carlisle family, The Hoomes family with Noah

July 2011   LOFT  Wonderful trip.  Beautiful grounds!  It was terrific!  Thanks for sharing!  Trisi and Bob Ventura CA

7/3/2011 CEDARBREEZE We had a wonderful time!  Everything is very nice and convenient.  We will refer this place to our friends.  The river is beautiful.  Thank you! Joy, Rochelle and friends from Portland, OR

July 2011  LOFT  Thank you for a wonderful getaway.  Wish you weren't booked tonight or we would extend our stay in the loft another few days!  The beds were comfortable, accomodations cheerful and clean, and the view fantastic.  Jen and Doug, Chicago, IL

July 2011  LOFT  Very cozy place.  Nice view and location.  Thank you!  H &H  Bay Area, CA

7/5-8/2011 RIVERSONG Dear Brenda and Ted, Thank for the greatest vacation we've had.  The house is lovely, we enjoyed it tremendously.  Vantiers family

7/7-13/2011 CEDARBREEZE  Thank you for a wonderful experience.  The cain is comfortable and the landscaping is lovely.  Relaxing by the river is absolute heaven!  Doug, Kelley, Jackson, and Jacob H. from Austin TX

7/8-10/11  RIVERSONG  What a beautiful cottage and wonderful view!  Love it and will come back with my family again.  Phillipes

7/11-12/2011 RIVERSONG  Beautiful spot.  The sound of the river is hypnotic, it never stops.  Glad it rained the second day, I feel like we know more about what it's really like here.  The space is wonderful, every detail provided.  We will tell our friends.  The Hendersons from Ohio. 

7/13-18/2011 RIVERSONG  Thank you for a wonderful stay!  We enjoyed this area so much that we are already planning on coming back next year.  Debbie and Cliff F. Albany OR

7/13-15/11 LOFT  Wonderful place!  Ted and Brenda are great hosts.  Ted is an awesome man.  Very knowledgeable, very entertaining.  Get directions and tips from him.  Place is close to all favorite hiking places.  Alfredo, Silvia, Daniel, and Eric S.  from New Mexico

7/15/2011 CEDARBREEZE  Enjoyed the river, hummingbirds, cool mist and rain - coming from a place that makes Sequim look like a rain forest.  Cox-Miller family from Boulder, CO

7/16-17/11  LOFT  This was Liam's (22 months) first mini-vacation with Momma and Menire.  We were going to stay at the Sol Duc Lodge - thank goodness for internet reviews (poor - we also saw them and agree.)  The loft was an amazing find.  Just right for the three of us (a pack and play fits perfectly at the end of the bed.)  The grounds were great for Liam - who was out in his jammies and rain boots in the early morning to throw rocks in the river.  The location was ideal for day trips to the Sol Duc Falls, Cape Flattery, Mora, Hoh and Ruby Beach.  The loft is bright and homey.  Liam loved the shower (rain!) and had his first business in the toilet.  So exciting for all of us.  Sally and Liam, Seattle, WA and Debbie M. from Milbridge, Maine. 

7/17/2011 CEDARBREEZE  This place is magical.  We enjoyed every single thing about our stay here and we will definitely be back.  We definitely love Texas, but we left a little piece of our heats in Washington.  Thank you again for everything!  James and Ashton R., Round Rock via Austin, TX

7/17-21/2011 CEDARBREEZE  This is a beautiful spot.  We love the cabin, the garden, the hummingbirds, and the enormous slugs.  We will be Back!  Tahnk you for such a beautiful spot.  The Rowleys, Sammamish, WA

7/20/2011 RIVERSONG  Dear Brenda and Ted, thank you for this handsome space and magical setting.  Loved the sound of the river and the feel of the hot tub.  This spot appeals to all the senses!  Again thanks so much.  Peter and Phoebe

7/21/-24/2011 CEDARBREEZE  We all loved your cabins.  It is so beautiful here.  You've done such a lovely job on everything.  We will be looking forward to coming back next year.  Joan and Cec H.  Seattle, WA

7/21-24/11 LOFT  This was the 9th annual Hale family vacation.  Six grandkids ages 5 to 10 and nine adults made for our first wiffle baseball game.  So fun!  Thank you.  Go team Forks.  Thank you.  Jeff, Trissy, Jacob, and Zoe H. 

7/21-24/2011 RIVERSONG We had a wonderful time here in this small slice of heaven.  The kids enjoyed it so much we decided to just stay put and not day trip out to nearby hikes/beaches so we are just going to have to come back again and stay longer next time.  Thanks for a wonderful experience!  Jim, Jennifer, Alex, Elona (part of Jon and Cec's family) 

7/24-26/2011 CEDARBREEZE  We visited and enjoyed the beaches and rocky coastline, the Hoh Rainforest and Hurricane Ridge.  Such a nice variety of scenery - pleasant change from Tennessee.  Don, Jeannie and Danielle

7/24-26/11 LOFT  We came here from Seattle to celebrate my husband's birthday.  The loft was a perfect home base for a long hike in the Hoh Rain Forest.  We loved sitting by the river with glasses of wine as a relaxing way to end our days here.  Thank you!  Jen and Aaron

7/24-30/2011  RIVERSONG  Thanks so much for sharing this lovely cabin!  The setting is glorious and the cabin is beautiful.  You've done a great job in providing a vacation retreat that exceeds all our expectations.  The Buttel family.  P.S.  Our boys were pleased to have wi fi and tv.

7/27/2011 CEDARBREEZE  The cabin is fantastic.  We felt so comfortable and at home.  We were so impressed with the clarity of the water in the Sol Duc River.  Loved the Twilight Tour in Forks.  We will be back to enjoy the amazing beauty of the trees and surroundings.  Thank you.  Rene, Dawn, and Heather

7/28-29/2011  CEDARBREEZE  Your cabin is incredible.  We really enjoyed calling this home while we traveled the Olympic Peninsula.  Wish we could have stayed longer.  The temperature was quite nice, (98 degrees at home), the river relaxing and the wonderful sights nearby.  Donna, Roberto, and Catherine from Riverside, CA

7/31-8/4/2011 CEDARBREEZE We are a family from Germany and had a great time here at the cabin.  The garden is about the nicest I have ever seen.  Merike G.

7/31/11  LOFT  Very nice loft.  Thank you.  Beatrice from France

8/1/11 LOFT  A very special place!!!  Thank you for this.  Jack and Christin W. Tucson, AZ

8/1-4/2011 RIVERSONG  Just loved everything.  This is God's country!  Thank you for everything.  The cabin is perfect.  We met some great guests and all had a great time around the fire.  Thank you for allowing pets.  Our mini vacation was perfect!  Denise and Randy Gig Harbor, WA 

82-4/11  LOFT  What a lovely peaceful paradise it is here beside the Sol Duc River!  We are so lucky and thankful that you share your home with guests from afar.  This was the first trip away from the SE U.S. for our two teen age grandchildren.  Not once did they say or seem bored.  It was great to see them recognize and appreciate the beauty of the landscape and surroundings!  We have truly enjoyed the loft.  It has everything one could need.  We especially appreciate the coffee pot and whole beans.  Thank you and God bless you.  The Briggs family, Lake Wylie, SC

8/7-9/11  LOFT  This loft was beautiful.  I loved it.  Maya age 7 Tualatin, OR  We will be back again.  Monica and Marius Tualatin, OR

8/6/2011  RIVERSONG  We became Mr. and Mrs. today.  Our wedding was amazing.  Thank you for providing a beautiful setting.  We loved it.  Be back soon.  Mary and David B. plus 65 guests

8/7-13/2011 CEDARBREEZE  Thank you so much for sharing your cabins with us.  WE had such a wonderful time here and created many lasting memories.  Our three year old loved knowing we were coming back to the cabin each night after days filled with hiking, enjoying the views and exploring the beaches!  We are very excited to come back and share this wonderful setting with others!  Tara, Erik, and Max N.  Ankeny, IA

8/8-9/2011  RIVERSONG  We loved our visit here.  The hiking and beaches were beautiful.  Riversong cabin is lovely and a fantastic place to relax and enjoy nature.  Your attention to detail in the cabin is impressive.  Thanks again, it was most enjoyable.   The Cahle family, Santa Rosa, CA 

8/2011  CEDARBREEZE  Thank you Ted and Brenda.  WE had a wonderful time here and got to do all of the things we missed doing the last time we were here.  Still did not get to see a Sasquatch or Edward and Bella but Jacob enjoyed his time here too.  As always, accomodations were wonderful and serene.  Thank you again!  Amanda, Melissa, and Jacob

8/9-14/2011 RIVERSONG A truly wonderful spot for reunion with long time friends.  The creature comforts were perfect and much enjoyed.  The lushness of the forest and the song of the river will linger in our minds eyes.  Meridith and Kent Grand Junction, CO We, the long time friends, say in a word, perfect.  We found everything we possibly could need was here including the river running through it.  Thanks!  July and Jim from Seattle

8/9-11/11  LOFT  Thank you for such a lovely place!  We enjoyed breakfast every morning in the riverside chairs.  What a terrific thoughtfully provisioned loft.  Jen and Dan Ellicot City, MD

8/12/14/11  LOFT  I liked the loft.  It was awesome.  Liked the soap thingy.  It was cool.  The house was really really beautiful!  Harry age 8    I also liked the loft too.  My favorite part of the loft is the couch bed's mattress.  Thank you for letting me and my brother watch DVD's.  Now I like the Twilight series!  This loft is really big and cozy.  I hope we could come back to the loft again.  Tiffany age 10, Connecticut, Cheshire

8/14-19/2011  RIVERSONG  What an amazing vacation experience.  We truly enjoyed every part of the cabin, the yard and the river.  Oh, and the hot tub.  We will be back again next year.  The Franklins from Sooke, BC

8/14-19/11  LOFT  I love how your couch can turn into a bed.  Thank you for the stay.  Beautiful and relaxing.  Watched all the Twilight movies too.  The Mitchells, Victoria BC

8/16-19/2011 CEDARBREEZE  WE had a wonderful time.  Your place is beautiful.  Ray, Melanie, and Kaysie L. and Leah L. from Brazoria, TX

8/19 - 22/2011  RIVERSONG  Dear Brenda and Ted, this is the place.  What a gem you have made on the Olympic Peninsula!  Three days of sun!  We didn't want to see anything else!  Caught fish!  (grasshopper lures)  Thanks for being dog friendly.  Tucker the Springer spaniel and us will definitely return.  Ronnie, Chris and Tucker, Friday Harbor, WA

8/19-21/2011 CEDARBREEZE  This place is absolutely beautiful!  We had an amazing 2 days here!  Thank you so much for letting us stay here.  Gaetano, Carmen, Peter, Tish, Ted, and Chandra from Seattle, WA 

8/25/2011 RIVERSONG  Thank you for sharing your lovely place with our family.  We had a wonderful time.  The two ladies next door were sweet too!  We'll be back again.  Tony, Melissa, Tessa and Carlie P.  Scappose, OR  (and Tessa printed herself) I love it!  by Tessa 8/25/11

8/25-29/11  LOFT  Lovely!  All of our needs were met.  Thank you.  Ann and Doug, Webster, NY

8/26-29/2011 CEDARBREEZE  We were looking for a special place to take our two grandchildren ages 7 and 9 for a long weekend before school started.  A friend mentioned this area and we found your website.  So often, a place looks grand on the webpage but not so great when you actually check in.  We found that to be the opposite with "A River Runs Through It."  What a lovely retreat.  You have thought of everything for the comfort of your guests. Quality throughout.  To list each would be tough.  Suffice it to say we will be back and soon.  This will be our first choice for a getaway.  Thank you!  Sharron and Sonny K. Seabeck, WA  P.S. Great meeting you Ted - Sonny the Desert Farmer

8/27/2011  RIVERSONG Thanks so much for the hospitality - what a beautiful setting.  We would love to come back!  Lisa, James, Seamus and Hazel  And Seamus added in his own printing: I loved the games and the hot tub and the river

8/29/2011 RIVERSONG  Thank you so much for sharing your piece of heaven with us.  We loved it!  We want to come back!  Derrek and Lyndee

8/29-9/3/11  LOFT  Thank you for offering this lovely spot to our family.  We had a great time.  Thank you so for this lovely cabin.  It was a great place to spend time with family.  It was everything I expected.  Perfect.  Members of the Russo family

8/30/2011 CEDARBREEZE  What a wonderful spot; only wish we had more time.  We may have to book now for next year so we can reserve all three cabins.  It was perfect for our family.  All our dog Moose did was sit in the river.  See you soon.  The Maschmedts from Seattle WA

8/31/2011 RIVERSONG Once again Ted and Brenda, we enjoyed your hospitality.  We have now enjoyed both cabins, had a wonderful time.  Lana and Jim B., Sequim, WA

9/1/2011 RIVERSONG  Thank you so much for the cabin you have here.  I loved the hot tub and lounge chairs.  So much fun.  Horseshoes gave us an opportunity to play together as a family.  Paul and Karen

9/3/2011 CEDARBREEZE  Your home is beautiful.  You have thought of every detail.  Thank you for your kindness.  We had a wonderful stay.  The Russo's from Moses Lake, WA 

9/4/2011 RIVERSONG We loved your cabin.  Howard and Elizabeth, Charlesand Bob and Warren age 5 signed his own name. 

9/5/2011 CEDARBREEZE  Thank you Ted and Brenda.  You have created a beautiful sanctuary away from the crush of the big city.  We had a very relaxing time, but of course, much too short.  We will definitely be back again!@  Thanks again!  Dean and Lori from Mukilteo, WA

9/5/2011 RIVERSONG  Lovely cabin in an exquisite setting.  Dawn and Roberta from Lake Villa, IL

9/6-10/11  LOFT  Thank you for a beautiful setting.  Convenient location for exploring the northwestern side of the Olympic Peninsula.  Your loft is comfortable, clean, contemporary and nicely furnished.  We are so glad we chose you over all the other lodging options.  The Barnharts from York, PA

9/10-20/11  LOFT  We fell in love with Shi Shi Beach with the starfish, sea urchins and sea stacks, the wild flowers on Hurricane Ridge and the shores of Lake Crescent.  Your beautiful loft was just what we needed after a long day of hiking.  The Byers Humboldt, TN

9/11/2011 CEDARBREEZE  Dear Brenda and Ted, Thank you for the lovely home you've created.  It is truly a paradise that you share with others.  We've so enjoyed our stay and will definitely be back!  On this anniversary of 9/11, we pray that all the world can experience acceptance and peace, and live in love.  Abdul and Rita Q., Chicago, IL.

9/21-23/11 LOFT  What a wonderful place you have!  The setting is just beautiful. What a piece of heaven!  This sweet loft was perfect.  You have everything just exactly where it should be.  What a wonderful treat.  You are the best host!  Thank you!  Jeff and Becky Omaha NE

October 4, 2011  LOFT  Wish we could have stayed longer.  Loft and scenery are beautiful.  Gail and Gary, Madison NJ

10/25/11  CEDARBREEZE  The minute we walked in, the "cabin" seemed like home away from home - only with a rainforest view - much different than our "chapparal" view back home.  The charm of these cabins and location have left an indelible impression - to such a degree that we hope to be back with more family!!  Thank you for sharing these precious "jewels."  The Rojas family from San Diego, CA 

Thanksgiving 2011  CEDARBREEZE  Rain wind and even sunshine!  Our second time here and first in this cozy cabin!  Lovely nature hike at the Klahowya Campground across the road - hundres of Fall Coho coming up the creek at the Sol Duc Hatchery - and elk herds along the Hoh!  We had such a relaxing time and definitely will be back!  Thanks Ted and Brenda from Chris, Ronnie and Tucker the Spring Spaniel  Friday Harbor, WA 

December 2011  CEDARBREEZE  The cabin was the most perfect spot for our honeymoon, and we couldn't have asked for anything better.  We got the chance to experience the Olympic Peninsula with what feels like the comfort of our own home.  We plan on returning each year.  Thank you.  Laura and Gazi