Reviews from 2009

June 5-7 2009 CEDARBREEZE

Your cabin on the Sol Duc River is just unbelievable. It's even better than the pictures on the website. The geographic location to everything on the west end is almost the same distance, no matter which way you go. The only thing we didn't like about it was leaving. We could have stayed forever.  Thank You for a great weekend. We voted your place a ***** 5 star on the Forks Web. Brian, Shelby, and Baby Cole W.   Port Angeles, WA

July 2-5 2009 CEDARBREEZE & LOFT

We had an awesome time here, felt like spending five days in paradise! We just loved it here and will come back for sure. A huge thank you to Ted and Brenda. Jack, Sue, Sara and Austin R. Lake Stevens, WA.  and Jenni from Germany who says Beautiful, comfy & cozy. A great get away! Thank you!! Very relaxing.

July 9-11 2009  LOFT  This loft was the happy relaxing and enjoyable placed that I needed.  I hope to return every year to forget the rest of the world and relax, hike, fish and walk along LaPush in the rain.  Thank you for making my vacation that of pure happy relaxation.  XOXO  Brandy M. from North Carolina

July 10-13 2009 CEDARBREEZE  The cabin was perfect and the setting was beautiful. Our two four-year- olds had a blast with the hula hoop in particular! We were so impressed with all the cabin's amenities and it made traveling with young children easy. We hope to come back again as soon as possible.  Brooke W. from Missouri,  and friends from British Columbia

July 16-18 2009 CEDARBREEZE & LOFT The Cottage and Loft were just perfect for our family! Hope to be back soon. Chad C. and family from Dallas, Seattle,   and Bahrain.

July 18-19 2009  CEDARBREEZE Thank you so much.  We have had such a wonderful time here!  Everything was perfect.  We plan on coming back and will tell our friends as well.  Mary G. and Hannah who said:  This place is amazing!  I loved it so much!  We will be back soon!  Thank you so much for letting us stay and Madison who said:  Came for Twilight and found this beautiful little paradise.  River is gorgeous, cabin is cozy and luxurious.  I plan on returning!  Ted and Brenda are the sweetest people.  It has been wonderful. 

July 23-25 2009 CEDARBREEZE & LOFT  Thank you for this amazing place for our families to meet and relax!  We saw otters and eagles down by the river, and enjoyed the birds.  Patrick F. and family from Bellevue WA and New Jersey.

July 29-30, 2009 LOFT  My daughter and I spent a few days here for her 18th birthday trip.  The location was perfect and the hosts were wonderful.  The suite was a wonderful, relaxing spot with everything we needed except...a fly pole for me to fish the Sol Duc!  Next time!  Kevin B.  Shorewood, Minnesota

July 31 - August 1 2009 LOFT Originally, I wanted to stay in Forks - yes - Twilight fan but what a blessing in disguise.  Your loft is charming and your property is beautiful.  I will definitely want to return and tell my friends about this great relaxing place.  Thank you for having all a girl needs in your loft.  How short the weekend feels.  Yvette C. Tacoma WA 

August 2-6 2009 CEDARBREEZE Here from New York.  We had a wonderful time exploring the Peninsula.  This cottage was the perfect place to come back to each night.  The central location was great and the hot tub was a welcome retreat.  Everything was perfect.  Thanks to Ted, Brenda and Dickey Dog for being welcoming hosts.  Andy, Donna, Rachel and Michael from Floral Park, NY.   

August 3-7 2009  LOFT  Thank you so much for sharing your little bit of heaven on earth with us.  This piece of land of yours is so beautiful and very relaxing.  And this loft is very well done.  We plan to stay here again if and when we come back to this part of our magnificent piece of Washington.  Thank you!  Folks from across the Peninsula, Jessica S. and friends

August 6-9 2009 CEDARBREEZE  We had a wonderful time in your cute, sweet cottage.  It was a nice place to come home to after a day of hiking and sightseeing.  The kids had a blast down by the river.  Thanks.  Mercedes Jim and kids from Florida

August 8-10 2009 LOFT  Our family had such a wonderful stay that we would not hesitate to return and will definitely do so.  The children especially enjoyed it - they would rather have spent all their time here than sightseeing.  Thank you for allowing us the use of your personal loft.  Jason and Anne M.   Oak Harbor, WA 

August 9-12 2009 CEDARBREEZE  This was our first visit from Florida to the Pacific Northwest and we were so happy to find such a beautiful place to stay.  Everything about it is perfect and we had such a great time.  Our daughter is begging to come back when it's snowing, so we will very likely be back.  We will definitely recommend it to friends and family.  Kevin, Rhonda and Melissa S. Pt. Orange, FL. 

August 12 -18 2009 LOFT  We came up from Orlando to "Twilight" and we fell in love with the loft.  We went down to the river every morning and almost every evening to try to find Edward, but we couldn't find him, he must have been upstream a bit.  Even without Edward the river was still breathtaking, and very sparkly in the sunshine (it might have been prettier than Edward!)  It tears us apart to leave this beautiful place, but we will have to revisit.  This has been the best place we have ever stayed!  It has made this trip that much more enjoyable, in fact it has actually been a humongous highlight.  We wish we could live here!  The Chadwick family, Orlando Florida.

August 15-19 2009   CEDARBREEZE  What a wonderful place!  The cabin is beautifully built, furnished, decorated.  We enjoyed the hot tub, croquet, horseshoes, a campfire.  The river was a great place for the kids to play, and provided a perfect place of early morning solitude for Mom or Dad.  Thank you for welcoming us into your home - we truly appreciate it.  Jack, Joanne, Lauren, Justin, Kevin, and Ellen.  Milwaukee, WI

August 19, 2009  LOFT  We came from Amery, Wisconsin for a family vacation.  We have two teenagers, so of course, there was the "Twilight" factor, though we probably would have traveled this direction anyway.  The beauty we have traveled through has been breathtaking.  We were driving and stopping for pictures so much so that we forgot about lodging.  A motel in Forks called here and asked if "the loft" was available yet.  To our happiness, it had not been rented and was available to us.  We were met by such a lovely man, who showed us all we needed to know.  He was quite a comfort after a long day of traveling.  Then the sun came up in the morning and the beauty of the area appeared.  How wonderful!  It leaves me speechless...The Gould/Fyle family  P.S.  The shower was wonderful.. they have thought of everything.

August 19, 2009  LOFT  We were so impressed with the lodge (loft) we just wanted to stay another few weeks, but alas we have to head back home to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  The time we had here was special as it's our 30th wedding anniversary and we found your loft to be the perfect and romantic place to celebrate.  Being able to just sit by the river late afternoons after a full day of exploring was just heaven.  We were so happy we found your hideaway and will let everyone know about you, so once again for allowing us to stay here, Thank You!!!  P.S. I agree with your last visitors, the shower was wonderful.  (Beautiful design).  P.S.S.  Our family are "Twilight" fans and we saw everything except the vampires.  Barry and Irene T. Australia

August 21-23 2009   CEDARBREEZE Thank you for sharing your little piece of heaven with us!  We came here for peace and quiet and relaxation.  What a success!  The hot tub was wonderful as well as the river!  We are wishing our time here was longer!  Karin and Gary P.  Leavenworth, WA

August 24-25 2009 CEDARBREEZE  Packing to leave this beautiful setting is not easy - the perfect vacation spot "the cabin" is beautiful, lovely furnishings.  I am 88 years old and have traveled far to many beautiful places - this is a spot I have marked with 5 stars and will definitely be back!  My daughter fished in the Sol Duc River all day - I just "loafed!"  Thanks so much.  Mary M. Sequim, WA  Oh! We also checked out "Twilight"  There is no place like home...unless you get to stay here!  What a wonderful place to get back to nature and relax.  Everything was perfect - the river, the hot tub, the BBQ, the weather too.  We will be back.  Thanks so much, Carol B. Silverdale, WA (Mary's daughter)

August 24-25 2009 LOFT  My sister selected this place for our mini "family reunion" - I'm from Maine, my sister lives in Alger, WA and our cousin lives in Virginia.  This is a perfect spot for exploring the park, and the river is wonderfully restful and an adventure in itself.  One evening as we enjoyed a glass of wine reclining on the lawn chairs, an eagle flew down the river following a flight path dead center and just close enough to snag a salmon for dinner!  The space was a perfect snug fit for the three of us, and we appreciated your thoughtfulness in supplying everything down to plastic wrap and foil.  Thank you!  Sue S., Old Orchard Beach ME and Bonny H. Chester, VA and Sara S. Alger, WA

August 30-September 1, 2009 LOFT  We thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful place.  It is so beautiful and relaxing.  We were here for a "mini" honeymoon and it could not have been better or more romantic.  I can't believe our luck in finding this place.  We definitely will tell others about it and hope to return.  Thank you for all the extra touches that make this "piece of heaven" so delightful.  Dale and Joyce B. Sequim, WA (formerly from San Diego, CA)

September 9, 2009 CEDARBREEZE  We loved the beautiful varied Olympic Peninsula from the beaches, the forests, the rain forest to the mountains.  Great hiking and a perfect way to end the day in the hot tub.  Cabin is perfect, everything we could need here.  Sorry to have to go home.  Thanks for a great stay.  Teresa W and Michael J. Cincinnati, OH

September 15, 2009 CEDARBREEZE  Thanks a lot! Now I have to buy her a hot tub!  Even so, we had one of the best vacations ever.  Nicest cabin I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying.  Charles H.  Longview, WA

September 17 - September 21, 2009  CEDARBREEZE  We couldn't have found a more beautiful location to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary.  The cottage was so very comfortable and you thought of everything to make your guests feel welcome and at ease.  The view out back is spectacular and beyond words.  You can lose yourself in it's beauty and serenity.  As this was our first visit to the Olympic Peninsula we tried to make the most of it.  We visited Forks, the Hoh Rain Forest, Sol Duc Hot Springs, and Second Beach.  Lots of day hikes and sore muscles...the hot tub was a wonderful way to end our excursions and relieve our weary bodies.  Hard to say good-bye but we hope to return again.  Rob and Lenore O.  Blaine, WA   

September 23 and 24, 2009  CEDARBREEZE  This little piece of paradise is so much more than the pictures online and they were gorgeous!  It couldn't have provided anything more to make our getaway for some R&R perfect.  The weather and each and every touch within the lovely cabin and outside were so special.  You were so right about the main cabin offerings.  The hot tub was fabulous as we star-gazed.  It appeared as if a hole had been cut through the trees while one very bright star or planet displayed its magnificence through.  Our beloved Blue Blossom (great Dane) was completely at home and comfortable within the 1st 5 minutes after our arrival.  Kudo's to you both for allowing guests to bring their pets!  We don't leave home without her.  The 3 of us "thank you" from the bottom of our hearts!  We hope for a return visit.. Thank you Ted and Brenda!  Marcia, Carl and Blue Blossom S.  Sequim WA 

September 25-27, 2009  CEDARBREEZE  Such a great venue.  A home away from home!  I loved being here and experiencing everything.  A great escape.  My 3 other bunkmates were all so comfy!!  Great location too!!  Awesome cabin, we will be back!  Kira I. and friends, Seattle, WA

October 9-10, 2009  LOFT  Had a great stay.  Wonderful time at Rialto Beach and the Crab Festival in Port Angeles.  Nice place, thanks.  Craig and Rachel

October 10-11, 2009 CEDARBREEZE  Thank you ever so much for the cozy respite away from it all!!! The only "negative" was that it didn't last long enough!!!  Your care, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail makes for a most welcoming, cozy, and comfortable stay.  Thank you ever so much.  Ilene L., Seattle WA

October 23,24,25, 2009 CEDARBREEZE  We're back!! We came in Spring for our anniversary and have returned for my husband's birthday!  We couldn't have imagined it being anymore beautiful, but the gorgeous Fall colors are stunning along the river!  The new details like fireplace cabinetry are an eye-pleasing addition!  We've told all our friends of your "little slice of heaven" and hope to be back again in the future.  Thank you again for sharing this wonderful space, we don't want to leave!  Brian, Shelby and baby Cole (7 months) Port Angeles, WA  Oh, and Penny the dog who loved all the space to run and even taking a dip in the river! 

October 29-31, 2009  CEDARBREEZE Thank you for a wonderful few days away from city life.  The river is beautiful and the cabin feels very homey. We named the main cabin Logan and the loft Lisa.  We enjoyed exploring this beautiful piece of Washington!  Rowan and Nicole, (Australia... Ausie, Ausie, Ausie)   

November 5-8, 2009  LOFT  Thank you so much for sharing this lovely place of yours with us.  It was exactly what we needed!  We enjoyed hiking in the Hoh Rainforest, Cape Flattery, and Shi Shi beach to name a few.  Sometimes we lead such busy lives, that we forget what we have in our own backyard here in the Pacific NW.  This was a vacation to remember and hopefully will become a tradition in the future.  Amazing, beautiful, spectacular - this place is awesome!  Thank you again!  Luke and Mimi Seattle, WA 

November 13-14, 2009  CEDARBREEZE  Thank you for the lovely city respite!  We plan to visit again very soon.  This place is beautiful!  Merran, John, Duncan, Fiona and Lulu the dog  from Seattle

November 16, 2009  LOFT  We loved our stay here on the river!  This whole area is beautiful.  We explored the Hoh Rainforest, La Push, Cape Flattery, and Lake Ozette.  The loft was so relaxing and cozy!  Had a great time here.  Even our little dog June had a great weekend.  First time to the ocean for her and she had a blast!  Glad we found out about your lovely cabins here on the Peninsula.  Thanks to both of you!  Briana, Tim and June from Snohomish

November 20, 2009  CEDARBREEZE  We started our weekend by seeing the "New Moon" movie in Port Angels! So cool!  Then we drove "A River Runs Through It" and we all were so excited to see such a great cabin in a beautiful place!  We grilled up some burgers on the BBQ and then sat in the hot tub (in the rain of course) and enjoyed the peaceful scenery (secretly hoping that Edward would pay us a visit).  Angela and friends from Seattle

November 29, 2009 CEDARBREEZE  What a beautiful cabin.  You have incredible taste!  The furnishings are just perfect.  I cannot imagine a cozier cabin.  We will return and recommend it to people we know that would appreciate this unique getaway.  Dennis and Emily M.  Poulsbo

December 25, 2009   CEDARBREEZE   We love this place and you! Love Andrew, Celia, Molly and Eric Merry Christmas Mom! Merry Christmas Grandma!