Dog Policy

We love dogs.  Big or small, they are welcome at our place.  We ask you to make sure they are up to date on their flea protection and vaccinations including rabies, that you keep them in your sight and under your control at all times and not permit them to bother other guests or the neighbors.

Dog poo bags are provided; you must clean up after your dog.  Do try to keep them from “watering” the flowers.  Don’t leave them alone in your cabin unless they are crated or you are completely confident they will behave.   You will be billed for any damages. 

We assume anyone who travels with their dog must love them very much and be responsible pet owners, therefore,  we do allow dogs if the owners agree to abide by the following rules for the protection of our house and all dogs, including ours, that stay here.

Dog owner must agree to the following:

  • Pet Owner must obtain prior, written permission to bring a dog to our home
  • Dogs must be housebroken and beyond the “chewing puppy” stage
  • Dogs must be current on all vaccinations, including rabies
  • $25.00 per stay extra pet charge, and you must agree to pay for any damage caused by your dog
  • Your pet must be kept in your sight and under your control at all times
  • You must agree to never leave your dog alone in our house
  • You must relieve your dog in certain areas or clean up any /all refuse
  • Bring your own dog bed; dogs are not allowed on the furniture